Sunday, January 5, 2014

Let's Kick 2014 Off with a Bang!

It's a brand new year! I won't say I'm off to a great start and I won't say I'm off to a bad start. I'm trying and that's all that matters. As far as working out goes...well not that great! I've gone a couple of days with no activity at all! But that's okay! I will get back on the saddle. I am getting back! I have to keep reminding myself that it's not going to happen over night. Working out and being healthy doesn't come naturally to me. I'm not trying to diet and lose weight. I'm trying to change my lifestyle!

Over the past week I have gotten lost in the addicting world of Pinterest. I'm great with planning and thinking...but not the best with the actual follow-through. I'm too tired, stressed, busy, etc. Oh, I'm the queen of excuses.

Like I said in the beginning I'm sharing everything. Good and bad, pretty and ugly. I don't want to give the impression that this came easy to me. It hasn't, it's not. I'm struggling every day with temptation. Every day I have gone over my calories, most days it's less than a hundred calories, but still that's a lot of calories to burn. And tonight, I honestly don't even want to think about how many calories I went over.

Today was the worst day as far as going over calorie count and the foods I ate. Here is what my meal plan today looked like.


3 slices of turkey bacon (Kroger brand) 105 calories
1 cup Sausage gravy 360 calories (now, I don't think I had 1 cup, but I didn't measure it out. I would rather be over than under).
1 buttermilk biscuit 103 calories

4 deviled eggs 256 calories (I ate 2, was still hungry so I ate 2 more)

We took my sister to her favorite restaurant for her birthday which is Golden Corral. That's a bad, bad, bad mistake for someone trying to make healthy decisions. It's all you can eat!!

15 pieces of popcorn shrimp 130 calories
2 yeast rolls @ 195 calories each=390
half a serving spoon full of Thai Style white meat with chicken and rice 97 calories
BBQ chicken only ate about 1/3 of it. 163 calories
4 chocolate covered strawberries 192 calories
1 glass of Mt. Dew 170 calories

Kit Kat Fun Size 70 calories

My goal is 1,490 calories per day. If you add the above up I had 2,036 calories...yikes! I did complete a workout tonight I am about to share, that roughly burned 150 calories, which then brought my total to 1886 calories, which is 396 calories over what I'm supposed to eat during one day. So, okay, not great, yet not horrible. I did get a cardio exercise in. It will keep getting better from here...I hope :)

I recently joined an awesome group on Facebook! (Click on the pic to join the group)

Natasha Krystolovich is the group leader and she is awesome. She is always posting motivation, healthy recipes, and she has kicked off a 90 day challenge on January 2, 2014. The challenge is daily excerices. She always started a challenge on Pinterest. In 90 days do as many of the workouts on your Pinterest board as possible and place them on a new board once complete. I have started this.
Check out my Pinterest boards
I will post the challenges and my nightly workout in another post :)
Happy 2014!

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