Thursday, December 26, 2013

My journey: Day 1


I have struggled with weight my entire life. I used to blame everything in the world-where I lived, genetics, the way I was raised, depression, slow metabolism, etc.

Not anymore!

Now I blame myself. I AM THE REASON I'M FAT-yes, I said the "F" word.

My journey to lose weight first began Fall of 2010. I began walking at the park every single day-rain or shine, cold or hot. I also began counting my calories. I was doing great. I was so proud of myself! I had never stuck to anything like this. I realized I wasn't on another fast track to lose weight, I wasn't on a diet. I was changing my unhealthy lifestyle to a more healthier lifestyle.

Nope I didn't relapse. I got pregnant :)

After my son was born I lost nearly all the weight I had gained. But I had picked up some horrible eating habits while pregnant. I ate everything I saw. 5 months after my son was born I had gained all of the my baby weight back, putting me at the heaviest I've been in my life-yikes! But I still didn't make any true efforts to changing my lifestyle. I kept eating fast food, drinking pop, etc.

My son is 20 months old tomorrow. I need to make some changes, for myself and most importantly for him!!

Now I'm going to do something most women never would do! Share my journey-yes-and that means sharing my weight, my before pics, pics of my progress...and my after pics :) I will share my set backs, because I know me well enough to know I will have set backs...and that's okay the important thing is that I accept those set backs and move forward, learn from them.

I think it's important to have reasons for wanting to be healthy. The number one reason should, of course, be yourself, but sometimes we need extra motivation. So, here are my reasons.

1). I want to be around to watch my son grow up, get married, start a life of his own.
2). I want my son to lead a healthy lifestyle.
3). I want to look in the mirror and like what I see.
4). I want to feel beautiful and comfortable.
5). I want to wear shorts-above my knees.
6). I want to wear a two piece bikini-something I've never done.
7). My blood pressure has been going high lately. I'm 27, I'm too young to be on blood pressure medicine.
8). I was nice legs, toned arms, and a sexy belly :)

And I'm sure I could go on and on. But there is a few of my reasons.

I had a dream the other night, on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2013, I can't remember the details of this dream. I do remember my aunt getting me some workout stuff I had been wanting for Christmas. After I woke up from this dream I knew I had to start NOW!! I could say I'll start on January 1, 2014. But that's not a Monday, and I know myself all too well. I will say ah, I'll wait until Monday. Then something will happen and I'll say I will start next Monday. Before I know it, half of January is over. No point in starting today. February 1st will be a good day to start.

So, nope. I am starting today. December 26, 2013.

Today I weight in at a whopping 260 pounds. I have some major changes to make with my lifestyle. So let's get started-no better time than now!


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